DJI New York Event Keeps Us Guessing: Will They Unveil The Phantom 5?

DJI New York Event Keeps Us Guessing: Will They Unveil the Phantom 5?


DJI recently invited the press to a New York event set for November 28th at the Good Morning America Studios in Midtown Manhattan.

The invite came with the tag line “Because life is big!” and features an illustration showing a number of people traveling through what looks like portals and a swimming pool. It does not give out a lot of information to go on, so we can only speculate that, since the image seems to be taken from a vantage point, it might hint that we have a new drone on the way.


Is it the Phantom 5? That’s what everyone is suspecting, at least. The Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian was launched in October last year so, if DJI plans to keep their previous timeline, we could be expecting the Phantom 5 to come around pretty soon.

Of course, it might be that DJI will introduce a completely new product but we’ll be honest: we’re really looking forward to that Phantom 5.

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