DJI Storm Comes With Custom Filming Services, Including a Crew

If last year DJI released the DJI Pro drone for aerial photography and videography professionals without causing a big fuss, this year the company is offering a drone with eight rotors and accompanying filming crew. The drone is called DJI Storm and it is part of DJI Studio cinematography services.

The video posted on YouTube earlier this year illustrated the DJI Studio capabilities and the DJI Storm octocopter drone. It seems that DJI Studio offers custom cinematography services along with a crew, truck, custom drone and accessories like DJI MasterWheels.

Basically, DJI Studio is laying at your feet every resource you would need to capture with aerial videos.

The three-minute long video has been posted by “STORM custom aerial platform”. There was some great secrecy around the launch of this service, though. Apparently, not even employees on this side of the ocean were aware.

On a closer look at the DJI Storm drone, in the video, we notice the words “Powered by DJI STUDIO” on the arms of the device. The octocopter with four arms is created to carry heavy loads with a maximum capacity of 41 pounds.

The custom aerial cinematography platform, DJI Studio, integrates the Ronin-2 gimbal. Also, the landing gear of the drone consists of three non-retractable legs. The text M10 100-10 KV120, “made in China” and a serial number is written on the motors and it runs on DJI Propulsion Laboratory.

The maximum speed it can reach is up to 50 mph. The drone can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius maximum.

Of course, the DJI Storm can work with other DJI devices like the MasterWheels and Force Pro. A crew and a dedicated production vehicle come along with the product, plus uninterrupted power supply.

For now, it seems like the service is available in Asia, more specifically China, but there is no info about it being available in the US or reports about DJI wanting to sell this service in Europe or Australia.

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