DJI Will Temporarily Stop Operating Business in Russia and Ukraine
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DJI Will Temporarily Stop Doing Business in Russia and Ukraine

Amid the Russia – Ukraine conflict, DJI, the world’s top drone maker, will temporarily stop doing business in both countries.

DJI drones have been used by both sides in the war to scope out battle positions, but the close relationship between China’s President Xi Jinping and Putin has put the company in a difficult position.

Ukrainian authorities claimed that DJI’s drones were being used by the Russian military since the war started, and the company said “it is internally reassessing compliance requirements in various jurisdictions,” and would “temporarily suspend all business activities in Russia and Ukraine” in “light of current hostilities.”

An official statement in Chinese has not been posted on their website or social media accounts, but rather on the personal Weibo account belonging to DJI’s head of public relations.

This is especially relevant since it is a rare instance of a Chinese company ending business in Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

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DJI Will Temporarily Stop Doing Business in Russia and Ukraine
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