Qualcomm Will Not Sell Chipsets To Russian Companies Anymore



Qualcomm has now officially joined the ever-increasing list of companies who are not selling any products to Russia, thus complying with the sanctions imposed by the U.S following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

This was disclosed following a comment made by Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, who tagged Qualcomm’s Twitter account saying that its “products are meant to enrich lives. But now they are still available in Russia, and it inadvertently enables this country to kill thousands of Ukrainians. We urge you @NateTibbits to stop all operations and supplies in russia! Help us stop the war!”

Soon after this, Qualcomm’s Snior Vice President of Government Affairs, Nate Tibbits, took to Twitter to offer a reply where he stated that Qualcomm has stopped selling any products to Russian companies. 

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“This is incorrect.” Tibbits said “ [We have] called for peaceful resolution to the aggression in Ukraine. We donated to relief organizations supporting Ukrainian people & are matching employee contributions. We comply with U.S. sanctions & laws [and] are not selling products to Russian companies.”

This statement was soon followed by another, this time from Don McGuire, Chief Marketing Officer at Qualcomm, who said that Tibbit’s reply “is absolutely the case” and that the company is “aligned on the side of peace, sovereignty and democracy for the people of Ukraine.”


Fedorov was quick to reply with his thanks and suggested that Qualcomm could help Ukraine by sending satellite phones to the country, which would help the rescue workers’s efforts.

As Russia continues its attacks, the country’s communications are badly affected and satellite phones would help the rescue teams (and not only) in numerous ways. 

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At the time this article is being written, Qualcomm has not yet answered to Fedorov’s request.  

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Qualcomm Will Not Sell Chipsets To Russian Companies Anymore
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