How Biohacking Gadgets Can Help You Live a Healthier Life

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If you’ve ever worn a Fitbit to try and improve your sleep hygiene or movement frequency, you’ve engaged in a basic form of biohacking. Here’s how using biohacking gadgets can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Biohacking has become a popular buzzword in the world of health and wellness in recent years. This somewhat nebulous term covers a range of activities to improve longevity and enhance one’s quality of life. These strategies range from using wearable tech to getting therapeutic stem cell injections.

Pinpoint Health Problems To Treat

One of the main benefits of using biohacking gadgets is their ability to help you focus on a specific improvement. One of the challenges people face when trying to meet health goals is taking on too much at once in an all-or-nothing approach that never works. Unfortunately, we aren’t wired that way; we do much better with small, sustainable habits that we can build on over time.

Biohacking technology helps you determine the top priority to address in your life, using the data you collect. For example, you may decide that your current movement levels are acceptable, but your sleep hygiene is a mess. This data can help you shift your focus to improving your sleep patterns from focusing on working out.  Using biohacking gadgets can help you keep an eye on your top priority.

Help Track Progress

Another plus side of using biohacking technology is the measurable success of your efforts. These data-driven devices help you track the changes in your body, often providing space to record both quantitative and qualitative data. 

For example, quantitative data might include better blood sugar levels when using an insulin tracking device. Qualitative data might pertain to changes in your energy levels and eating habits. 

It takes time to see measurable improvement when making health and lifestyle changes. Having tangible data can help you stay the course and pick up on changes you don’t necessarily notice from one day to another. It also helps you stay focused and engaged on your health journey.  

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Offer Emotional and Physical Improvement 

While plenty of wearable tech focuses on data collection and suggestions for improvement, many biohacking devices offer solutions as well. For example, some wearable devices use low-energy magnetic fields to send signals to your body that it’s time to rest or to create calm (check Hapbee for more information on how this works). 

Many basic wearables also provide reminders and programs to guide through movement exercises and guided mindfulness meditation techniques.

Provide Data-driven Insights for Health Treatments

The health impact of biohacking devices is two-fold. First and foremost, using biohacking gear can help many take a holistic approach to their health. You can use the data and reminders to check in on how you’re feeling. This data can help with focusing on changing habits and creating improvement before seeking medical intervention. 

Secondly, the data collected through these devices can help paint a clearer picture for healthcare providers when medical intervention is required. Even tracking qualitative improvements or linking issues to triggers is tremendously beneficial when seeking medical assistance or other support for your mental and physical health.

Motivate With the Power of Play

Many biohacking devices function as a game or have milestones that promote ongoing motivation for behavior change. In layman’s terms, biohacking can be fun! Those who grew up with games like The Sims or devices like the Tamagotchi know the joy of trying to keep a character alive and well — and this time, that character is you.

The fun components of biohacking help improve user engagement, which can transform your motivation into dedication. 

Wearable technology and biohacking gadgets become more accessible each year. Consider the areas in your life that need improvement, and see if there’s a biohacking solution to help you in your journey.

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How Biohacking Gadgets Can Help You Live a Healthier Life
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