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Don’t Depend On Anybody! This Mobile Printer Can Be Carried Anywhere

Some of us are lucky enough to work from anywhere. As long as you have a laptop with you and an Internet connection all is fine. You can spend your working hours at coffee shops across town or quirky restaurants, meeting with friends in breaks. What you can’t do is print paperwork you need to give partners ASAP, since these kind of places don’t offer that off the menu. Here’s when a ZUtA printer couldn’t come more in handy #objectmagic

ZUtA printer is a tiny mobile robotic device you can take with you anywhere, in your pocket or bag. Provided you have some paper on hand, it can print any image or text from your phone on the paper, as you place it over it and power it on remotely from a companion app. It will roll back and forth covering the space needed with ink. One cartridge can offer you up to 100 pages of black-and-white text or design.

It won’t be a daily must-have, but it will surely get you out of some sticky situations. Plus, the founder of the device says it can see it as the perfect go-to printer when it comes to photos, packaging labels and event tickets.

Like what you’re seeing? Then put it on the list for this December, when it will retail for  $299

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