Planet Mars Is Talking To Us in Morse Code


NASA’s HiRISE camera has picked up images that show dunes that resemble Morse code signs on Mars. Is the planet’s SOS message or something else? #todaymagic

It appears that the dunes resulted from the direction of wind, in the same way that we see it happening on Earth. Because the location of the dunes is inside a natural circular depression, the “sand” forms long, dark lines that look like Morse dashes from afar. That said, the “dots” are harder to explain. They are known officially as “barchanoid dunes” but as for what caused them? Well, something interrupted the normal dashes and they are the result.

That’s one theory though and NASA isn’t in a hurry to confirm it blindly. What is the message of the dune field found at the south of Mars’ north pole? What would Mars say if that were Morse code? NASA scientist Veronica Bray translated it: 


Not eloquent at all, huh?!

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