Double Strike At MWC 2017: Samsung Will Unveil Not One, But Two Foldable Phones

Foldable phone concept

As you know, Oppo is in the process of listing a foldable smartphone with a 7-inch display on the market, while Samsung is gearing up to do the same next year. Both brands are approaching the finish line and even if Samsung doesn’t cross first, it still wants to make a lasting impression. That’s why, according to Bloomberg, the South Korean company will unveil not one, but two such phones at MWC 2017 #mobilemagic

This year, Samsung caused a stir at MWC with the Galaxy S7 Edge but that will be nothing to the excitement it will cause in 2017, if they succeed in delivering bendable phones with OLED screens. Bloomberg says that they’re working on unveiling two such devices. One will fold in half like a compact mirror, while the other one will have a 5-inch display in handset form and an 8-inch display unfolded, turning into a tablet. 

Called in small circles “Project Valley”, the models issued by Samsung will not only be a bendable alternative to Oppo (if they launch the device first), but will score another point in the “battle” with Apple, by introducing organic light-emitting diodes before they do.

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