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This Waterproof Camera Keeps A Close Watch On Your Sunburns


Seaside vacation? Gotta grab your waterproof camera with you…. and a bag full of towels, sunscreen and the works. Yet, even when you’re carrying the entire house with you, you somehow make it home sunburnt. This year you could change your bad habit by turning your camera into the best UV protection #objectmagic


Sunscreenr is a tiny video camera that records up to 30 seconds of video and shows the areas uncovered by sunscreen if you look through the viewfinder. Just ask a friend to check your skin protection and he’ll tell you what spots you missed. Those appear lighter than the rest of the body. Or… take your selfie stick with you and do the job yourself.

By the way, if you’re a maniac like me and you apply UV protection the moment you arrive at the beach but forget to reapply it after a swim, Sunscreenr will help you immensely.

The small camera is available through Kickstarter, from the price of $74. The basic package comes with a micro USB charger and microfiber bag.

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