EA Starts Working On Cloud Gaming Service Dubbed “Project Atlas”

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts announced Project Atlas, a new cloud gaming platform that will be able to stream the latest video games from the company to any mobile device or computer that has a solid internet connection.

Cloud gaming, in a nutshell, sends the player a direct video feed from the cloud and the player’s controller inputs are sent back to the server, which allow the user to play remotely.

Cloud gaming would not require the players to buy video game consoles anymore, with the only requirement being a strong internet connection. The players have long been torn between the different platforms they could access their games on but with cloud gaming, that issue will soon be just a memory.

Electronic Arts is the latest company to follow an upgrade into cloud gaming after Google and Microsoft. Although all three cloud gaming services are still in their test phases and it will take a long time before they will be available to the public, it’s going to be interesting to see players’ reactions and if gaming consoles will become a thing of the past.

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