eBay Is Now Using AI To Make ‘Visual Shopping More Intuitive’


According to a new press release from eBay, it’s now easier than ever to ‘discover what you like with a tap’. The app’s latest feature will allow the shoppers to find items that are similar to the one they were looking for by using artificial intelligence.

This started as an idea when creating a filter for locally sold items. As my coworkers and I were shopping for local items on eBay, we wanted a way to quickly filter for items in a specific category. Then we thought, “What if we expanded it to searching and browsing?” We took that concept to eBay’s 2018 Hack Week, where we were able to build on the idea,” Jonathan Chard, Lead Product Manager, Mobile Experience at eBay said. By combining pictures and words, this new experience empowers our customers to explore eBay and discover items that they may not have known how to describe.”

So, how does it work?

The feature uses relevant filters and combines them with the latest computer vision technology. All you will have to do is tap the three-dot menu next to the product you’re interested in and you’ll also notice a “looks like this” option, which will help you find items that look similar.

The feature is already available for both Android and iOS in the U.S, U.K, Australia and Germany.

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