Einride Shows off T-Log, an Autonomous Logging Truck

einride t-log

The last time Einride was in the news the company was showing off an autonomous truck, the T-pod, that looked like a hi-tech fridge. Now it’s doing the same with the T-log, a driverless logging truck.

This futuristic logging truck is a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. What makes it looks so quirky is the lack of a driver cab, just like its predecessor, the T-Pod.

To achieve Level 4 autonomy, T-log uses Nvidia’s Drive AI platform to access real-time traffic data to avoid traffic jams and optimize its battery life. The T-log has a range of 120 miles and, just like the T-pod, can be controlled remotely by a human operator in emergencies.

“No driver’s cab enables a smaller vehicle, increased loading capacity, greater flexibility, lower production costs, lower operating costs and optimized energy consumption, allowing the T-log to run solely on batteries, even in difficult environments,” explains Einride.

“The driver’s cab is what makes trucks expensive to produce, and having a driver in the cabin is what makes them expensive to operate. Remove the cabin and replace the driver with an operator who can monitor and remote-control several vehicles at once and costs can be reduced significantly. In addition, operating a vehicle from a distance allows for a much better working environment, as has already been demonstrated in industries like mining,” adds Robert Falk, Einride’s founder.

The company wants to get the T-log on public roads by 2020.

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