Facebook to Bring AR Ads, Letting You Try Makeup and More

Facebook to Bring AR Ads That Let You Try Makeup and More

facebook ar ads

Ads won’t ever disappear from your Facebook News Feed but at least now they’re getting really interesting. Facebook is bringing Augmented Reality ads that will really appeal to fashionistas around the world.

Soon, you’ll see ads for makeup or accessories like eyewear alongside a “Tap to try on” option on the image. Once you do it, your selfie camera will kick into gear and show you how you look with that product. If you like sunglasses or let’s say the lipstick shade, you can then purchase it easily.

According to the official announcement, Michael Kors is the first brand to use a Facebook AR ad by letting people virtually try on a pair of sunglasses. Soon, the same gimmick will be deployed by Sephora and others in “fashion accessories, cosmetics, furniture, gaming, and entertainment.”

Beyond that, advertisers can also access from now on the Video Creation Kit, which lets them easily make video ads that are mobile-optimized.

Facebook AR ads

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