Elecpro Smart Lock Allows You To Open Your Door by Fingerprint, Facial Recognition and More
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Elecpro Smart Lock Allows You To Open Your Door by Fingerprint, Facial Recognition and More


Our homes are becoming smarter and smarter by the day and now there are new, smart ways to make sure we keep our intelligent homes safe. One of them is using smart locks, like the one Elecpro is currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter.

The US:E Smart Lock allows you to open your home door via smartphone, fingerprint, password, actual physical key, Fob and even facial recognition.

The Kickstarter offers two versions of this Smart Lock: a password one and a facial recognition one. Both of them come with a built-in camera, remote control, password capabilities as well as a doorbell, physical key or key fob.

The US:E Smart Lock with facial recognition has built-in infrared 3D recognition technology with 4-Level AI, can recognize you regardless if it’s day or night and can store up to 100 faces in its system.

In addition to that, this lock also has a palm print scanning option that you can use to access your home as well. According to Elecpro, the technology cannot be bypassed by photos or videos.

All you’ll need is one look and you can enter your home without any hassle. Imagine how useful this smart lock can be when your arms are, for example, full of groceries.

The US:E Camera smart lock with the password option on the other hand, can identify the user in 0.02. seconds via its fingerprint option. It can store up to 100 fingerprint IDs in its system, which means that you can add all your family members to the list of people who are allowed to enter your home.

Both versions benefit from password control and, if it’s entered incorrectly five times, the US:E will alert you via a notification on your phone.

The password feature also comes with support for scramble code – if you’re worried that someone else might be watching you as you introduce your code, you can type random numbers after or even before you introduce your password and the lock will still open when it will register the correct flow of numbers.

As far as the hardware part goes, the lock fits most doors and is easy to install. It has a zinc alloy body and a German B-grade lock cylinder.

According to the Kickstarter page, the US:E passed the ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 safety test ‘with flying colors’, providing your house with protection worthy of a bank.

The Kickstarter has currently surpassed its funding goal but there are still 12 days left if you want to get some pre-orders going.

The smart locks go from $169 to get the US:E camera lock with password alongside a 12-month standard warranty and U.S free shipping all the way to $499 for two smart locks with facial recognition with warranty and U.S free shipping.

You can check all the pledge options by visiting Elecpro’s Kickstarter page. The smart locks are expected to start shipping in May.

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