Elon Musk: First L.A Tunnel Is Almost Ready

The Boring Company

Elon Musk took to his Twitter on Sunday to announce that the first ultra-high-speed transit tunnel built by the Boring Company will be open for the public on December 10th and that they will also benefit from free rides the next day.

The tunnel starts from Space X’s parking lot east of Crenshaw Boulevard and south of 120th Street, turning west under 120th and remains underground along it for 2 miles. The top speed in the tunnel, according to Musk, will be of 155mph.

Musk has also said that he would like to build transit pods that will carry both pedestrians and cyclists through the underground system. Back in May, he stated that the fare would be of only $1 per passenger.

Now, we know that Musk has gained a reputation in the past few years of essentially missing deadlines. Understandably, one unimpressed Twitter user asked if the December 10th date is “in real time or Elon time?”, to which Elon simply replied “I think real”.

The Boring Company is not done digging though – they also have a contract with the city of Chicago for a loop leading to the O’Hare International Airport.

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