Rides on Elon Musk’s Urban Loop Will Only Cost $1

Elon Musk wants to get rid of the “soul-destroying traffic” plaguing LA by offering $1 rides on his future Hyperloop and Urban Loop projects.

While Hyperloop pods will carry a maximum of 16 people at 700 mph, the Urban Loop system is slower and designed to connect Los Angeles and the LAX Airport. There, pods will ferry back and forth up to 16 passengers for just $1 per ride. The top traveling speed will be 150 mph but is still enough to connect LA to LAX in just 8 minutes.

The Boring Company, SpaceX, and Tesla’s CEO gave a few statements at an information session held Thursday night in Bel Air, outlining how his venture entered a partnership with the LA Metro to “connect with and supplement transport systems”:

“Metro leadership and CEO Phil Washington had a great meeting today with the talented staff of the Boring Company. They will coordinate with us as they move ahead with their proof-of-concept tunnel under Sepulveda Boulevard to ensure it doesn’t interfere with our Sepulveda Transit Corridor rail project. We’ll be partners moving forward,” reads the LA Metro statement.

The information session is posted above, so watch it if you want to learn more!

In other Musk related news, he posted candy on his Instagram. What are the odds that The Boring Company will actually start selling candy?

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