MX3D Releases Images and Video of World's First 3-D Printed Bridge

MX3D Releases Images and Video of World’s First 3D-Printed Bridge


The bridge has already been on display during the Dutch Design Week that took place from October 20 to October 28 and now the creators stated that it’s ready to start its final installation in Amsterdam’s De Wallen red-light district.

Initially, the MX3D team planned to build the bridge over an actual canal but decided against it and chose a more controlled environment instead, away from pedestrians. Otherwise, it would have posed a risk to the people walking around the site, as well as to the robots that were used to apply layers of stainless steel to the structure.

The bridge is designed to look as organic as possible. The construction method used has never been attempted before on a large-scale project.

MX3D Bridge / YouTube

The team worked with the Alan Turing Institute to equip the bridge with sensors that will collect data about the bridge traffic, structural integrity and other bits. That information will be used to help the bridge’s digital twin detect any possible safety issues.

All the data received over time will serve as foundation for developing and designing similar bridges in the future.

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