Europe's Biggest 3D-Printer Builds Two-Story House

Europe’s Biggest 3D-Printer Builds Two-Story House

credits: Kamp C

It may not look like the best house exterior, but it is one of the sturdiest. Three times stronger than a house that was built with quick building blocks, as a matter of fact. How was this Belgium house made? Using the biggest 3D-printer in Europe.

Belgian company Kamp C led the project, as part of the European C3PO initiative with support from the European Regional Development Fund. Their mission was to encourage the construction industry to implement 3D concrete printing in their current and future endeavors and to be honest, the final result is awe-inspiring.

This two-story house was built with a fixed 3D printer in one piece, on site! That’s quite the achievement – usually, 3D-printed buildings are built sequentially, with each part being assembed on site. And most of them don’t have two floors, by the way.

So this 90 square meters building is quite a “world’s first” and should stand the test of time, although constructors are keeping an eye on it at the moment to see how the materials “behave”.

It’s important to know that this printing technique eliminates the need to make concrete formwork. In return, this saves about 60% of the resources usually involved in such a process, like money, time, and materials.

Right now, the house can be visited in Westerlo, Belgium, as a private individual during guided tours. Of course, in order to respect the social distancing norms, there is a maximum of 5 participants per group. Interested? Find out more info here.

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