Amazon Prime In Europe Is About to Get A Lot More Expensive, The Price Hikes Start Soon

The “increased inflation and operating costs” of Amazon are making the company dramatically raise prices for Amazon Prime in Europe.

According to a Reuters report, Amazon announced the price hike of subscriptions ahead of their Q2 earnings results – and consumers will definitely notice this change.

The Amazon Prime price will go up as much as 47% on September 15.

The smallest price increase for Amazon Prime will be in the UK, where the annual subscription will jump 20 percent from £79 to £95.

Germany is also somewhat sheltered from the big price hike, with an Amazon Prime subscription there jumping 30 percent, from €69 to €90.

The most dramatic price rises? Amazon Prime in France is going up by 43 percent for the annual subscription, going from €49 to €69.90. 

Both Italy and Spain will also see a 39 percent increase from €36 to €49.90, though that price is still well below what the UK and Germany will pay.

Amazon sellers are feeling the heat of inflation too. Back in May, Amazon introduced a 4.4% fuel and inflation surcharge for those companies who use Amazon as a platform for storage and shipping products.

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Amazon Prime In Europe Is About to Get A Lot More Expensive, The Price Hikes Start Soon
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