Even H3 Wireless Headphones Offer Clean Sound Quality But They Are Almost The Same Thing As The H2

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The Even H2 headphones are good, solid headphones that have been getting good reviews ever since they came out. With decent battery life, an app-powered hearing test and with a sleek, metal-and-wood look, they were simply great.

Now their successor came about, the new H3 model, and though the same tech is still on board, the build quality leaves a bit to be desired when compared to the H2. The headphones sport the usual volume, play/pause and equalization on/off buttons on the right earphone but the buttons rotate unnecessarily, the “-” and “+” buttons becoming “l” and “x” when worn. They, of course, also offer a 3.5mm port for wired listening.

The headband and earcups are both leather, just like the previous model, which made them easy and comfortable to wear for hours.

If you want to see your equalization settings in a more specific way than just pressing a button and engage the “EarPrint” technology, you can opt to download the company’s EarPrint App. The test takes a few minutes and you basically listen in until various sounds become clear on both sides of the headphones before you press a button.

The headphones have some 20+ hours of battery life but if music is not playing, the headphones will automatically turn off, so that’s a bit of an issue as you can press play and have the music blast out of the speakers of your phone.

Basically, they are still copies of the H2 model, just less sturdy-looking. None the less, they still make for an interesting offer, even with a price tag of $150.

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