Extraordinary Tech: Napa Valley Roundup

Our first Extraordinary Tech trip took us to Napa Valley, CA, a beautiful and scenic location with a homey vibe, perfect for our first set of tech. For a behind the scenes look, check out Joelle’s vlog featured above.

Without further ado, here’s a look back at the first set of tech in our Extraordinary Tech series!

JetSuiteX Napa

Take a ride on JetSuiteX, the personal plane you’ve been waiting for!

JetSuiteX is a semi-private flight experience. From the moment you check in, you can feel the difference. You feel like you own the plane. To understand exactly what I’m talking about, you have to see this!

Prynt is more than just a polaroid for your smartphone!

What better way to capture a memory than with a photo or video? Is it possible to have both? Prynt answered that question with a definitive yes. A smartphone accessory, Prynt works by printing out polaroids of any captured moment and show the moment they were taken. See how that happens here!

Surface Book 2 is the next generation of computers and tablets.

The next iteration of the innovative and powerful Microsoft computer tablet line, the Surface Book 2 improves in almost every aspect. Specifically, its main attraction – the easy interplay between tablet and computer modes – got even better with a sturdier attachment when the screen is docked and a smooth transition between the processing power of the computer and the tablet. See how it can be converted from computer to tablet here!

Rocketbook is the infinite notebook of a new generation!

The Rockebook Everlast is an infinite notebook fit for the modern era. It looks and feels like a regular notebook, but writing can be erased, leaving the notebook good as new and ready to be used again! In addition, the Rocketbook Everlast communicates with a variety of cloud storage platforms, allowing your notes to be recorded in perpetuity. Check out the Rocketbook in action here!

The Micro+ by M3D just made 3D printing easier!

The Micro+ 3D Printer by M3D brings the revolution of 3D technology into the home. The Micro+ is light and portable, yet incredibly powerful. Its built-in 3D printing app is easy to use. With the plethora of 3D models out there, the world is your 3D printed oyster. Check out our printed TTL logo here!

With Beauty Mode, Wide Angle Selfies, and more with the ZenFone 5Q changes the smartphone camera paradigm!

We were drawn in by the Beauty Mode, but the ZenFone 5Q turned out to be more than that. It was packed with many features not usually present in a midrange phone. The front and rear dual cameras allowed for some gorgeous wide angle selfies and landscape photos while the pro mode gave us more flexibility and control over the photo. Watch ZenFone 5Q pro features for food photography, here!

Continue to look out as we explore more Extraordinary Tech! Next stop: Los Prietos Campgrounds!

The Extraordinary Tech series was produced in partnership with Xperi

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