Facebook Claims Hackers Could Not Have Accessed Third-Party Apps

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After at least 50 million users got logged out of their Facebook accounts following an attack that gave hackers access to the long-in tokens, the social media network assured the users there has been no sign of the swiped access tokens being used to log into third-party apps.

We’ve had questions about what exactly this attack means for the apps using Facebook Login. We have now analyzed our logs for all third-party apps installed or logged in during the attack we discovered last week. That investigation has so far found no evidence that the attackers accessed any apps using Facebook Login.

Guy Rosen, VP of Product Management for Facebook 

Following the data breach though, a number of Facebook accounts went up for sale on the dark web for between $3 to $12 each. It was unclear if they were the product of the hack but, none the less, we can hope that, after the accounts went through the massive reset, the ones being sold have been rendered useless.

via The Independent

Though the data breach was massive, to say the least, so far it seems like no one has been affected in any major way.

Even so, it has not been a good year for Facebook, with the social media platform becoming involved in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and accidentally publishing private posts from 14 million users, just to name a couple of the bad days Facebook has had.

Are people losing faith in Facebook? Definitely? Will Facebook manage to redeem its good name somehow? That remains to be seen.

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