Facebook Rolls out Internal Testing of Its Dating App

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Facebook showed off its dating service earlier this year during the F8 conference, a feature which would, supposedly, compete with Tinder and Match, and now the company has started testing it internally among its employees.

The feature will be nicely tucked in inside the main Facebook app, so there will be no need to download a new one in order to use the service.

Thanks to Twitter user  and mobile researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who managed to pull out a few screenshots of the feature, we now have an idea about how it might look like – the design looks mature and detail-oriented, hinting that it will, in theory, be more purposeful and serve for more than just looking for the nearest one-night stand.

Facebook seems to want to aim towards an app that would create relationships that are more meaningful and would make people appreciate what the app can offer them in terms of communication, hence stick with it over the years.

Your profile within the feature will be created separately from your usual Facebook profile and it will not be seen by everyone, only by other people who have also activated the feature. The activity will also not be shared to the News Feed. You will have the option to choose if friends can see it or not. In addition, the dating profiles also allow for non-binary, transgender and other orientation options.

If any two people express an interest in each other, they will be able to connect via Messenger or WhatsApp. Facebook is also considering limiting the number of people one can express interest in, which would limit a spam-like behavior from overzealous users.

For the moment, internal testing is not an indication that the feature will launch to the public. Facebook seems to want to take slow steps with it and has not made a lot of noise about the feature.

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