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Facebook To Sell Oculus Medium to Adobe

Recently, Facebook decided to sell the 3D virtual reality sculpting tool Oculus Medium to Adobe.

The Oculus project was a very expensive one for Medium, the team made a lot of efforts for keeping the niche software and the sale won’t probably make up for the work they put in. We don’t currently know the terms of the deal and whether is profitable, but the fact that Facebook 

What is nice is that Facebook managed this smoothly for Medium. 

According to an Oculus blog post, Medium will remain free for people with an Oculus VR system, with the promise that Adobe will bring “more features, improvements, and other developments” to Medium in 2020.

Medium had a hard time on the market so far, with Oculus Story Studio being shut down and its employees laid off, hopefully, the small community of Medium will do better at Adobe.

Sébastien Deguy, Adobe’s 3D and immersive content head stated that Medium will come hand in hand with Adobe’s existing Substance app for 3D texturing. He also hopes that the transition will maintain Medium’s existing community, which is especially important in VR.

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