Facebook Users Donated More Than $300 Million In One Year

facebook birthday fundraisers

Exactly one year ago, Facebook launched birthday fundraisers. Since then, Facebook users have proven to be extremely generous, fundraising more than $300.000 million for friends and supporting around 750.000 non-profits.

Furthermore, since Facebook waived its fees back in November, 100% of the donations made in lieu of traditional gifts have gone straight to non-profits like the American Cancer Society or the ASPCA.
facebook birthday fundraisers nonprofit tools
Because birthday fundraisers proved to be such a success, Facebook launched tools like the ability to match donations and add organizers, which will probably reflect nicely in next year’s report. In that announcement, Facebook also gave a few shoutouts to generous individuals who gave up getting birthday gifts in order to help various causes. NBA player Stephen Curry raised $82.512 on his birthday to help combat childhood malaria, while one Yuriko Shotter raised $7201 to help a local cat shelter.
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