Facebook Will Tell You Who Exactly Uploaded Your Info For Targeted Ads

Facebook Will Tell You Exactly Who Uploaded Your Info for Targeted Ads


You are surely familiar with Facebook’s “why am I seeing this ad?” button that appears whenever an ad pops up on your feed. It never gave us a lot of information to begin with but starting February 28th, things will change.

Every time you’ll press the button after that date you will be able to see who uploaded your contact info for ads targeting. This way you’ll know if it comes directly from the source or if someone else interfered.

The date when your info was added will also appear, as well as who made it all happen: the brand/retailer or a developer partner.

While it won’t stop your data from being misused, it will give you a better idea about how advertisers get a hold of your data. Perhaps, this move will make us all think twice before uploading our info anywhere online, taking privacy and data protection a bit more seriously.

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