Fallout 76 Adds Private Worlds But They Won't Come For Cheap

Fallout 76 Adds Private Worlds But They Won’t Come For Cheap


Fallout 76 was not received with open arms: it bathed in negative reviews since it released but Bethesda admitted to its faults and released (and keeps on releasing) regular updates that fixed some issues within the game and even added more features like a battle royale mode and raids. 

More recently, Bethesda has announced a new subscription reserved for Fallout 76 players, called Fallout 1st. This introduces a feature requested by the players for some time: private worlds. But don’t assume for a moment it will be cheap, in fact, the price can be compared to some extent to that of a private server, depending, of course, on the service you use. 

The Fallout 1st subscription is available at a monthly cost of $12.99 or $99 per year and it will allow the subscribers to grab exclusive items as well as some extra cash (1,650 atoms) to spend in the Atom Shop and a Survival Tent. This tent will let you set up a base while you go out and about. It will include a Stash, Sleeping Bag, Scrapbox, Cooking Station, and an instrument.

Of course, the tent will save you caps too because it will act as a fast travel point that you can set up anywhere on the map. Some unique emotes and the Ranger Armor outfit will also be added into the bundle, to give you a few more customization options. 

The Fallout 76 subreddits however, abound with comments about the new subscription: most of the players consider that the price is too high, especially since some of them paid $60 when the game was released. In addition to that, the maximum number of players allowed in the private world is eight, which hardly seems enough for the massive world of the game.

However, some of them are not too bothered, as it would allow them to finish their quests or farm without having to worry about other players blowing them to smithereens. 

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