Yuneec Breeze Drone

Feel The Breeze? Touch The Breeze, Yuneec’s Latest 4K Selfie Drone

Breeze isn’t the name of a brand new refreshment or energy drink. Instead, it’s the latest drone from Yuneec, the guys that developed Typhoon H with Intel Real-Sense tech and a FPV headset we talked about weeks ago.  Now, they showed us the new addition to their family, a baby drone that weighs just 385 g! #actionmagic

Called Breeze, this drone was presented to us as a flying selfie camera you can take with you everywhere. To me, it looked at least two times smaller than the Typhoon since Breeze seems to be more of a toy than a pro drone. Indeed, when asked what’s the key difference between Breeze and all the other drones at IFA (Parro, DJI, Xiro were there), the guys from Yuneec simply smiled and told us this was your best friend. Still…


If you ask me, I’d say the automated flight modes and the 720p live picture transmission. Breeze has the Follow Me and Return Home modes of course, but also Selfie which means the drone can take your picture from an established height. In Orbit mode, Breeze hovers above you and your friends and in Journey mode it departs slowly on a predetermined route, keeping you front and center, and then comes back.

Breeze can transmit your epic journey on BMX or during safari live, at 720p, on your device. The drone can be controlled with your iOS or Android smartphone from the dedicated app or manually, via virtual RC-sticks or tilt of the smart device.

Photos shot with the 13MP cam with EIS or videos in 4k/UHD can be shared instantly from the app. I can’t say I’ve never seen this before, but if certainly helps when taking a final purchasing decision. So, yes, you can make your Instagram and Snapchat profile pop with aerial shots and clips.


If you’re a really detail-oriented person, it will be impossible to ignore the fact that Breeze doesn’t actually shoot in 4K, at least not the true 4K (4,096 by 2,160). The resolution is UHD (3,840 by 2,160) at 30fps.

The second con is flight time – just 12 minutes. Sure, for a couple of selfies it’s more than enough, but for a longer shoot with your friends at a special event (birthdays, engagement parties), you’ll have to set out time to recharge it.

Bottom line: It’s a pretty good deal if you’ll use it just for fun aerial photography. If drone flying will be your summer hobby, then look no further. But if you want to experiment with video and actually use the content to build a business or a professional profile, you might want to think twice about it.

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Feel The Breeze? Touch The Breeze, Yuneec’s Latest 4K Selfie Drone
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