Final Fantasy VII Combat System Revealed, New Trailer Showcased

PC: Square Enix

One of Square Enix’s most beloved series, Final Fantasy has gone through many iterations. For many, Final Fantasy VII is the pinnacle of this series, potentially of all of gaming. Because of this, hype for Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most hyped games at E3.

Yesterday, Square Enix showcased a short trailer for the game as well as a release date.

Today, at their E3 conference, Square finally showed off a lot more details.

According to the creative director, Remake will be a retelling of the story of Midgar with much improved graphics. The development team has taken great length to make sure the story satisfies both new and seasoned Final Fantasy fans, packing in 2 Bluray Discs worth of content.

Additionally, Square displayed the new combat system. While it has evolved, it still maintains core elements of the original. Using a hybrid game play, Cloud and other characters returning characters like Barrett and Tifa will be able to dodge, attack, block and roll in real time.

Through real-time attacks, ATB bars will fill up. Once they are filled, each protagonist can enter Tactical Mode. The scene will slow, giving players the chance to think play strategically. The original command bar will appear, allowing you to cast stronger spells and attacks to whichever enemy you target. Certain attacks can also be tied to shortcuts if desired, but this is not necessary.

To note, all characters in your party are controllable. You will be able to switch between each smoothly, but they will also continue to fight even when not controlled by the player.

Finally the presentation ended on pre-order specifics, including different deluxe editions.

The game will be available on March 3rd, 2020 with a pre-order bonus and a deluxe edition available as well.

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