First Look: TCL Fold ‘n Roll is Here

Ready to rock ‘n roll with the Fold ‘n Roll? Here’s a first look at TCL’s daring attempt to make foldables… stretch!

TCL is not going entirely rollable, mind you, since consumers are still wary to spend serious cash on a quirky, experimental phone. However, TCL was willing to compromise and bring a foldable and a rollable into one. The ol’ fold ‘n roll, they call it! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if that name actually stuck since I’m so tired of all the Ss, Gs, Ultras, and Ns of the world.

The TCL Fold ‘n Roll is a beautiful phone that hides more than it shows. I remember how, a while ago, we met with the team to talk about foldable plans, and back then, things were still pretty fuzzy. That’s not the case anymore. After showing off a triple-screen foldable phone, TCL is feeling ready to go with an outward foldable phone.

That is, incidentally, the type of design Huawei Mate XS also went with. If you remember, that 8-inch phone unfolded to the outside, as well, and immediately became Samsung’s direct rival, as the South Korean giant decided on an inward-folding design. Of course, this became a controversial subject quickly, each company making some good points.

On one hand, the book-type design that Samsung chose doesn’t close completely. Not 100%! On the other hand, it doesn’t risk accidental calls, texts, and major damage if dropped as the outward design does.

Unlike those two, TCL added its own spin on the foldable design – an interior display that unrolls to give you even more screen real estate.

We’re talking three sizes here. As a phone, you get a 6.8-inches screen. Not enough? Unfold it and you get 8.8 inches of display, a generous phablet if you ask me. But if you’re looking for a phone and tablet into one, then just unroll it!

That is when you’ll get a decent-sized tablet – a 10-incher – with all the functionalities of a phone; a beautifully curved phone with super slim bezels, that is.

Curious about the cameras? You can expect two on the front, in a pill punch hole, and multiple on the back. And for a top-of-the-line, next-gen phone, you can definitely bet on a 48MP main camera – at the least!

Watch the video above to find out the rest of the rumored specs!

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