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Fluorescence Photography: How To Get Glowing Plants On Camera

craig burrows fluoresce photography

Macro photography can really showcase the beauty of flowers and plants. For experienced photographers, though, it may become boring after a while. What can be done? Explore other photography techniques, like Craig Burrows did. His journey introduced him to ultraviolet visible fluorescence photography #fotomagic

craig-burrows fluorescence photography

This type of photography captures the natural glow of plants. When plants reflect UV light, they fluoresce – they emit longer wavelengths visible on camera, if you know how to capture them.

craig burrows photography

Burrows learned online, three years ago. Now, he can’t stop practicing, spending hours arranging every detail. If, like us, you’re fascinated by his works, take a look at what the process involves:

  • a black cloth to cover the surface you’re placing flowers on
  • a stand (Burrows uses copper ones) for the flowers, covered also in black tape
  • a tripod for your camera, set a few feet away from the subject
  • no light, except a LED and UG11 filter to allow only ultraviolet light

Photographer Craig Burrows shoots with a Sony A77, according to Wired, works with long exposures and plays with the light in order to illuminate the subject from all angles. Of course, editing plays its role; there, you have to adjust sharpness, contrast, white balance until you get what you have been hoping for.

See more work from Craig Burrows here. 

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