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Flyr Uses AI To Convert Articles In Video Stories

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Every popular Social Media platform is integrating stories now. It all started with Snapchat, but now Facebook, Instagram, even Whatsapp are encouraging their users to share highlights from the last 24 hours with friends. For some, that can mean a simple picture or a video from Camera Roll. Most want to really make it shine though, so they add stickers, text, all sorts of masks and more. Since searching for the right elements can take a long time, Hassan Uristegui and Brett O’Brien decided to give people a hand and launch an app that does all the editing for them. With a bit of AI magic, their app Flyr can turn even articles into video stories #mobilemagic

Flyr is a stories editor that makes it incredibly easy to edit a short clip. Everything a user might think of – GIFs, videos, pictures, backgrounds, graphic elements -, the app provides. By using artificial intelligence, it can turn any text into a visual experience. Give it a URL address and it will select the highlights, be they quotes or images, and add colorful elements for a personal touch. Alternatively, users can write their own texts and watch Flyr search for the perfect background image, select keywords and make overlays.

But Flyr doesn’t stop at texts. The app works with YouTube videos as well; it edits the original clip as users wish, even adding animated pics from Giphy. Plus, bloggers can use it to send followers back to their website by embedding links. Still, if the final result isn’t wow, users can tap and swipe to change and re-edit the story.

At the end of the process, each story can be shared easily on Social Media thanks to Flyr’s cloud-powered exporting technology. All that’s needed is a tap.

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