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Focus Status on iPhone: How to Take Time for Yourself with This Underrated Feature

Want to only see time sensitive notifications? 

The Focus Status setting on iPhone will be your best friend, as it lets you silence iPhone notifications only where it matters. 

What is Focus Status on iPhone?

One of the least-known features of Apple phones, if you got yourself a new iPhone we highly recommend giving Focus Status a try. It’s a way to make sure you can concentrate on tasks without your phone distracting you with endless notifications from dozens of different apps.

Even more, you can also show others when you’re available and ready to collaborate through the Share Focus setting.

What is Share Focus? How iPhone lets you set boundaries.

Share Focus on iPhone is a feature that lets you tell others when you’re available or not, basically letting you set boundaries on how and when people can reach you. 

You can share your Focus status with some contacts, choosing to let some people know if and when you’re available. When your iPhone or iPad is in Focus mode, these contacts will see a message that you have silenced notifications. 

This is a feature that’s great when you need to concentrate on a particular task, since it lets colleagues or family know you can only be reached via a different channel – think “emergency calls only”.

You can enable the Share Focus on iPhone feature easily. Just open the Control Center app, go to Focus and use the toggle.

You can choose from the main settings, which are: Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, Sleep, Fitness, and Driving.

You can also create a custom Share Focus mode with different notification settings for any activity you can think of, setting up the time, location or specific app you want to silence or allow notifications for. You can have Book Club Focus, gardening focus, kitty time or whatever you can think of, since you can pick the name, color and even icon of the activity. You can even set a schedule for Focus on iPhone, automating the way your phone shares your status with others. 

If you want a block of quiet time on Wednesdays or Thursdays, for example, you can create a custom Focus that turns on automatically on those days at a certain hour – and even lets others know your status.

How to Share Focus Status to let others know you’re unavailable.

When you set a Focus on your iPhone, the setting automatically applies to other devices signed in to the same AppleID. A Focus icon will be visible in the status bar and on your lock screen, and your status is automatically displayed in the Messages app.

To share your Focus Status on iPhone or iPad, you simply have a toggle underneath the Focus activity in question. 

Once you toggle Share Focus on, contacts will know when and where you’re available to talk. Of course, you can specify ‘Time Sensitive Notifications’, so messages from your boss or your partner picking up dinner can get through. 

This is basically a way for you to let them do an emergency bypass on your iPhone to contact you because, after all, few of us can afford to go completely dark on communication.

And as a pro tip: if you’re parenting a teen that simply can’t put their iPhone down, Focus Status and one of these gadgets will ensure they have no choice but to finally study for their exams. 

These auto timer lock boxes might be a less elegant solution than iPhone’s Focus Status, but they do work if self-control and doomscrolling are issues.

Since a cell phone jail box like this allows the user to only pick up calls or access emergency services, it’s a good hardware solution for cell phone addiction if iOS alone doesn’t solve the problem.

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Focus Status on iPhone: How to Take Time for Yourself with This Underrated Feature
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