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FoldiMate Will Fold Your Clothes Perfectly for Only $1000


Foldimate has exhibited its laundry-folding machine at last year’s CES but unfortunately, at the time, the machine was just a prototype. But that doesn’t mean we’ve heard the last of it – on the contrary, the working machine has returned to the CES and this time it’s fully functional.

According to Foldimate, thanks to the machine, you can fold an entire load of laundry in around five minutes and that doesn’t mean just towels and t-shirts but also pants and collared shirts.

While baby-sized clothes or bed linens are still out of the question, you really can’t say you’d pass up the chance to offer your laundry to a machine rather than waste all the time you’d need to do it by hand.

Besides, the machine is perfectly capable of adjusting the folding methods based on your preferences.

The company wants to keep the price of the machine under $1000 and, while it might prove to be too large for a small apartment, it will most likely prove to be quite an useful addition in laundromats and other retail spaces.

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