Ford's Lane-Keeping Bed Prototype Reclaims Your Personal Space When Sleeping
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Ford’s Lane-Keeping Bed Prototype Reclaims Your Personal Space When Sleeping

ford lane keeping bed

Ford is on a roll lately and not necessarily in the automotive area.

The automaker just introduced a concept for the Ford lane-keeping bed, a high-tech solution for one of humanity’s oldest problems: sleeping with a partner that hogs bed-estate.

This smart bed uses pressure sensors to detect when the partner crossed their side of the bed, then starts a conveyor belt to slowly roll them back in their lane.

Quoting Dr Neil Stanley, the author of the famous How to Sleep Well guide, Ford explains something that anyone with a significant other has experienced at least once in their life.

““When sleeping together, many couples each have less space than a small child has in a single bed. Humans are most vulnerable when sleeping, so we’re programmed to wake when something or someone touches us unexpectedly. If someone moves onto your side of the bed this defence mechanism will kick in and you’ll have a broken night, often while they continue to sleep soundly.”

Of course, just like with the noise-canceling dog kennel, the Ford “lane-keeping bed” is merely a concept that showcases Ford’s technologies.

In this case, Ford is promoting Lane-Keeping Aid, a technology available in most of their vehicles that monitors road markings and gently nudges the steering wheel in the correct direction.

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