Woof! Ford's Noise-Canceling Kennel Is Sadly Just A Prototype For Now

Woof! Ford’s Noise-Canceling Kennel Is Sadly Just A Prototype For Now

Ford definitely scored a big win in the hearts of dog owners with this project but, unfortunately, it’s still just a prototype.

This futuristic-looking kennel is made out of sound-dampening cork and fitted with noise-canceling technology and an automatic door, which should make any dog owner perk up their ears.

The Ford noise-canceling kennel is a pretty damn awesome idea, as it can help furry friends be calmer around New Years’, without the fear of loud noises like fireworks.

For dogs, who have much better hearing at higher frequencies, fireworks have long been a source of terror. Of course, this could be a great gift for adopted dogs as well, who tend to suffer from anxiety and can have behavioral issues.

However, at this stage, it’s just a prototype designed to promote Ford’s noise-canceling tech (Active Noise Control) that’s available in the Edge SUV.

Maybe make some noise for Detroit and let Ford know there’s a pretty big demand for the Quiet kennel?

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