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Groove X Introduces Lovot, a Cute but Kinda Needy Robot

Move over, Aibo, there’s a new robot asking for affection and he’s cute as well!

Meet Lovot, a robot made by Japanese company Groove X whose mission is pretty lofty and endearing in its idealism: “change the world” and make people “truly happy.”

Another companion robot fitted with a fuzzy outfit and puppy eyes, the Lovot is apparently powered by “Emotional Robotics™,” a technology that’s making it very affectionate and lovable.

Though, to be fair, perhaps it’s going a bit too far on the affectionate front and crossing into “needy” territory.

Groove X says that Lovot is not “a useful robot” that can do your chores and instead “begs for attention and gets in the way of those it lives with.” Yes, kind of like a dog but definitely with less upkeep.

Lovot is currently up for pre-order for a reservation fee of 20,000 yen (around $178) and it seems it’s only going to be available on a subscription basis, with the monthly fee of at least 9,980 yens.

That’s a bit pricey but companion robots designed to ease loneliness are definitely a trend that’s gaining momentum.

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