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FluentPet Connect Wants to Help Your Dog Talk to You Using Buttons

What would your dog say if it could ping you on Slack? Odds are the fluffball would want a snack or a walk, since dogs are such simple creatures.

Still, they do have some language barriers and that’s a challenge this company at CES wants to help you overcome.

Meet FluentPet Connect, a new app that tells you when your dog presses a button. The app lets you “track words, trends, and patterns to better understand what your learner is saying” and basically sends you a message to not miss a “message” or a “milestone”.

It’s a lofty goal but it sounds a lot more achievable and believable than projects aimed at cats, the other popular fur babies. Granted, there’s a YouTuber who trained Billi, their cat, to basically communicate using a huge pad of buttons, but dogs are a way safer bet.

As any cat owner might know, when it comes to how much a cat actually plays with a toy you spent good money on, your mileage may vary.

Dogs should be much easier and, if you’re willing to give this a try, FluentPet starter kit seems like an affordable option.

fluentpet hextiles for dogs

The FluentPet kit comes with three hextiles (the plastic mat to hold command buttons you can connect to other mats to make a bigger surface), six sound buttons, 67 stickers with various color patterns to help your dog learn them easier, plus a speaker. It’s all available for $159.95 and refreshingly so, the FluentPet app doesn’t require a subscription.

If you want to know how the hextiles actually train your furbaby to “speak” your language, you can read more here

“We find that actually when dogs kind of know that they’re being understood because they have the precision and specificity of the buttons, then they complain less because they’re no longer wondering whether they actually communicated what they wanted to,” said Leo Trottier, FluentPet CEO. 

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FluentPet Connect Wants to Help Your Dog Talk to You Using Buttons
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