FORM Swim Goggles Bring Augmented Reality to the Pool
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FORM Swim Goggles Bring Augmented Reality to the Pool

Working on your backstroke and looking to improve your performance or help your coach review your solo sessions?

The newly-launched FORM Swim Goggles might just be the wearable you were looking for.

Moving beyond traditional fitness trackers that you wear on your wrists, the FORM Swim Goggles actually bring augmented reality to you during your swim.

Yes, those are not lenses but actually see-through displays on which you will get real-time performance metrics to blow the competition out of the water. 

Afterwards, you will be able to analyze or share that performance with a trainer or friend using the companion app available on Android or iPhone. 

The FORM Swim Goggles display distance, calories, stroke rate, pace per 100 and other similar swimming metrics, but they also seem to have plenty of traditional swim goggle features as well. 

The makers say the FORM use FDA-certified silicone seals and anti-fog technology used in diving masks. 

So, how much for the freedom from checking your wrist during a swim? The FORM Swim Goggles retail for $200 and have free shipping for the US and Canada.

They are also available in five different nose-bridge sizes for a watertight fit. 

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