Novitec Now Offers Tesla Model 3 Modifications

Novitec Now Offers Tesla Model 3 Modifications

novitec model 3 modifications

Tesla is not known for all the options it offers in terms of customizing its cars: the company offers about five paint colors and two wheel patterns the owners can choose from, which doesn’t leave a lot of room to play with. 

However, Novitec, a German business who usually spends its time modifying Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, has been offering customization packages for the Tesla Model S and Model X since a while ago and, at long last, has finally decided to do the same for the Model 3. 

Novitec will not turn your Tesla into a race-worthy Ferrari but it will offer you with a range of improvements that span from functional aerodynamic enhancements to fine-tuning the suspension and refining the cabin environment. All of the exterior modifications come in a bare carbon finish, with optional paint. 

Novitec got to work on what it’s ready to offer Model 3 owners and one of the most recognizable changes comes in the shape of the front lip spoiler that reduces front-end lift at high speeds which should help with handling the vehicle better. The company opted for larger rocker panels that fit the 21 inch NV2 five double-spoke alloy wheels perfectly.

The wheels were manufactured by Vossen of Miami and they too, are up for customization: you can choose out of 72 colors and decide between a brushed or polished finish. However, since it is Vossen of Miami, you can expect them to be pricey: the base option actually starts at $1,850 per front wheel while the rear wheels will start setting you back from $1,950. If you want a special color for them, alongside the finish of your choice, that will also cost $300 extra. Yes, you could start buying a completely new car judging just by the cost of the wheels but do you want your Model 3 to be pretty or not?

On the rear of the car, a rear slip spoiler and a diffuser add up to giving the car even more of an organic, sleek line. These items too, range in price from $1,190 to $1,390, if you still needed to do some financing. 

Novitec is also looking into customizing the suspension for you and can lower your springs for a more sporty look or you can just opt to give up on the stock shock altogether and get a lower adjustable sport suspension setup that will further push the car closer to the ground. 

All in all, Novitec could make your Tesla look almost like a different vehicle, but remember: it will not be cheap. 

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