FotoNation iris face recognition solutions

FotoNation Announces Neural Network-Based Iris And Face Recognition

Biometric authentication is spreading quickly from airports to homes, where many of us access our mobile phones using fingerprints and irises. The only problem with the secure iris recognition method is that it comes with a couple of steep requirements: glasses off and decent light on. Thankfully, FotoNation‘s face and iris recognition solutions are here to make our lives easier, raising the bar on outdoor biometric performance and liveliness detection in mobile devices. #biomagic

Secure, compact, easy-to-integrate – words that are music to our ears are now describing face and iris recognition solutions for mobile from FotoNation. They’ve refined and enhanced the technique up to the point where it can guarantee correct authentication on mobile platforms no matter the light or the accessories you’re carrying.

FotoNation Biometrics Application

FotoNation Biometrics Application

The face recognition solution uses the selfie cam to capture your face when it’s cloudy outside or at golden hour, even if you’re squinting at the camera. Meanwhile, by using patented MIRLIN® technology, FotoNation’s iris recognition platform focuses on the eye, authenticating the owner of the device even if he/she’s wearing glasses, independently of the time of day. In this case, the FAR (false acceptance rate) is 1 in 10 million, meaning the likelihood of a failure is minimal. Also, the company says that both biometric solutions are hard to trick thanks to on-board liveliness detection. 

“FotoNation has a long history of delivering powerful computational imaging solutions to the mobile market, with over 2.9 billion products shipped to date,” said Sumat Mehra, senior vice president and general manager of FotoNation. “When FotoNation Iris and Face recognition solutions are deployed together, enhanced, secure authentication can be achieved with an FAR of up to 1 in 1 billion.

It seems that now, more than ever, companies are proving that efficient defense mechanisms against hackers and cyber attacks can be built. Our personal devices and the ones used by public institutions, especially financial ones, are becoming more secure by the day. In fact, FotoNation’s iris recognition solutions have been deployed in commercial buildings, in multiple European airports and at military bases around the world.

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FotoNation Announces Neural Network-Based Iris And Face Recognition
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