Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refurbished

Samsung Has Stopped The Production Of Galaxy Note 7

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Summer did not end on a high note for Samsung. The South Korean mobile manufacturer was forced to recall the first batch of explosive Galaxy Note 7 phablets, only to replace them with less-than-perfect ones. Now, the company is ready to admit the entire production is faulty and has stopped it permanently.

More than a month ago, almost 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones were recalled after customers reported worrying incidents of batteries catching fire. The first line of customers were offered new devices in turn, only to discover that some of them were still faulty. One of the “lucky” owners had the misfortune of finding this on a Southwest Airlines plane (hence all the Airlines warnings you’ve seen lately to NOT carry the mobile with you during the flight).

After the second disaster, all the major carriers, with T-Mobile and AT&T leading the way, stopped selling the devices and the company quickly announced it was the safest thing to do. News agency Yonhap reported yesterday morning that Samsung was halting production of the Note 7, with CNBC confirming it’s a permanent decision. 

No more Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be exchanged or sold worldwide, while they investigate the battery problems. Clearly, these incidents have taken a toll on the company – the firm’s shares closed over 8 percent lower on Tuesday – but the tech giant has more than enough Android devices to help it recover from the loss.

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Samsung Has Stopped The Production Of Galaxy Note 7
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