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Next Generation Iris Recognition And Face Analytics On The Go, At MWC 2016

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We all love smartphones and it’s increasingly evident that what makes a difference in our daily lives lies under the hood. In this case, we’re not talking about the hardware, but the soul aka next-generation algorithms. Without advancements in the mobile cameras, we wouldn’t be able to notice the increase in image quality, to retouch selfies on the go or use authentication technologies to access different services. This month, at Mobile World Congress, FotoNation will present its latest technologies in these fields.

The company will showcase electronic image stabilization (EIS) updates, advanced face analytics developments and biometrics software.

For users who put their privacy above everything else, face recognition is of capital importance. Though this is not a new concept by far, when coupled with iris recognition, it can provide the maximum security you need. As FotoNation’s Martin George, Sr. Director Business Development, explains in an interview, “[…] facial recognition itself may be pretty quick to pick up, but it is not always known as being the most accurate of biometrics. If you combined that with iris it really helps, especially by using things like face tracking and eye detection, then using that to focus in on the iris itself and picking out the iris area that we need. So improving that user interface, capturing at a comfortable stand off distance, and then improving the way that the user can interact if they are perhaps moving or where there is the natural kind of shake that you get when you are holding cameras, we can really improve that experience for the user.”

FotoNation’s biometrics solutions protect user’s privacy, while also securing safe banking or m-commerce transactions, by employing deep analysis of the person in the picture or video and their background.

As you can imagine, EIS’ purpose is to help you take stable, smooth images regardless of lighting conditions or fast-moving subjects and to make sure the frame by frame processing happens in a blink of an eye. No tripod required!

With 2014 “branded” as the year of the selfie (more than 1 million selfies taken every day with 36% of users admitting to altering them) and a record of 1.449 taken in an hour (Jan. 2015), it’s clear that the quality of self-portraits is more important than ever. That’s why, at this year’s MWC, FotoNation’s fifth-generation of beautification algorithms will retouch photos, adjusting skin and tone color, adding make-up digitally and enabling real-time smart lighting and smart color.

When will you experience these technologies on your smartphone? Don’t worry, you probably own one of the two billion smart devices out there equiped with FotoNation solutions.

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