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FrontRow Dual Camera Necklace Shares The World As You See It

frontrow camera

Wearable cameras are not a novelty, but few tick all the boxes. When they do, we can’t help but notice. That’s how we discovered the camera necklace from FrontRow #objectmagic

Ubiquiti Networks came up with a circular device, like a pendant, that can be worn on as a necklace recording everything about you. It definitely reminds us of the gadget from The Circle movie, although it’s not that ominous. It can take photos and videos, as well as live stream important moments from your point of view.

In fact, followers can get to know you thanks to now one, but two cameras. The main one records at 1080p and takes 8MP shots with a 148 degree field of view. The second one is a bit disappointing, snapping pictures with a 5MP sensor and a smaller field of view, although you can rely on the same video resolution. To make up for that inconvenience, FrontRow has a neat feature called story mode. In this mode, the camera takes pics every couple of seconds and puts them together in a nostalgic time-lapse clip.

But FrontRow wants to be more than a camera, so it was equipped with a touchscreen. You can use it as an Android wearable, running different kinds of apps when you get bored.

If you’re wondering how much can this wearable do before it runs out of juice, Ubiquiti Networks says you’ll be able to record or livestream for about two hours, at least.  Your media can be stored on the device (FrontRow has 32GB of storage) until you transfer it to another device via BlueTooth or WiFi.

So what’s the catch? Well, this wearable comes at a steep price on Amazon – $399 – but it’s worth it if you’re serious about your social media life.

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