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Nokia 8’s Bothie Camera Trick Might Just Win Them Followers

nokia 8

HMD Global is putting their year of efforts to the test. The company just announced Nokia 8, the flagship of their smartphone range, a device that could turn users’ attention in their direction thanks to a camera trick #mobilemagic

Unlike other top range smartphones this year, Nokia 8 hasn’t adopted a bezel-less design. We’re still stuck with some chunky bezels, capacitive keys and an aluminum body, in blue and copper with a glossy finish or matte blue and grey.  Under the hood, you’ll find the familiar Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with the predictable 4GB RAM + 64GB storage combo.

That equipment gives the phone the power to run a very coveted camera module. HMD Global has worked with Zeiss for the front and rear cameras, so you won’t have to worry about optics. You’ve got a dual 13MP rear camera with a bothie camera mode. What’s that? Well, Nokia 8 allows you to broadcast video you’ve previously recorded by opening both front and rear cams! It’s all done from the phone’s own camera app, so you won’t have to switch apps to send the livestream to Facebook or YouTube.

Plus, Nokia 8 has a second ace in the sleeve: 360-degree audio. By integrating the Ozo Audio tech, you can broadcast with surround sound or listen to  360 audio livestreams via headphones. What you won’t get is water resistance and wireless charging, though. And that’s a shame, really, especially since this phone is set to launch this September in Europe at the 599 euros ($705).

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