GAEMS Guardian, the Solution to Gaming on the Go

One of the biggest challenges for gamers is how to take some of their favorite games on the go. Traditional powerhouse consoles like the Xbox and Playstation can enable high-resolution visuals and impactful audio, but are tied to monitors while on-the-go systems often come with limitations.

Well, with the new GAEMS Guardian, players can play their home consoles anywhere and everywhere.

GAEMS is known for its lineup of portable gaming solutions, enabling gamers to bring their home consoles on-the-go safely. The Guardian is the next evolution, coming in more feature packed than ever before.

For starters, the Guardian comes in an upgraded chassis built to protect your console. Designed similarly to a briefcase, the console sits snugly, covered and padded for extra protection. Additionally, there’s enough space to store a controller and any cables.

Not only does the Guardian carry your console, it also comes with hardware features that enable you to play your games wherever you are.

A premium 24” WQHD 2560×1440 monitor is built into the inside of the case; while many may wonder why the screen is not in 4k resolution, GAEMS made this decision because it is nearly impossible to differentiate between 4k and 2560×1440 on a 24” monitor, meaning that opting for the latter would reduce cost without negatively impacting gameplay.

On top of a state-of-the-art portable inset monitor, with dual 9W digitally-tuned speakers and a built-in subwoofer. All of this is powered by three chipsets, each built to run one specific function so as not to reduce performance overall.

Made specifically with streamers and content creators in mind, the Guardian also comes with an integrated HDMI output as well as attachment rigs for lighting, cameras, and more.

There are also air vents in the back of the case designed to allow consistent airflow for those longer gaming sessions.

The GAEMS Guardian costs $700 and pre-orders have started, while the official release date is August 8. While it is double the cost of the company’s other model, the GAEMS Sentinel, the professional features and additional protection are surely worth the upgrade.

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