Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire In Woman's Purse

Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire In Woman’s Purse

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Credit: Samsung

Another Samsung device catching on fire, you ask? Allegedly so.

Apparently, the phone in question was in the possession of a Long Island woman called Diane Chung when it caught on fire, causing her some light burns on her fingers.

According to Chung, she was riding an elevator when she realized the device in her bag felt very hot and it was making some weird noises. After taking it out of her bag, the phone started to produce smoke, at which moment she threw it on the floor and kicked the device away when the elevator doors opened.

Thankfully, other people around noticed the situation and poured water on the smartphone.

Does this bring back some Note 7 flashbacks? Sure does. Does it seem a little fabricated? Maybe. But the Note 7 fiasco is still fresh in everyone’s minds and Samsung did upgrade its safety checks after that incident, with CEO Koh Dong-Jin assuring everyone that “the battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever. Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore.

In spite of the story going viral, Samsung stated that they have not yet received any reports about any other such incidents but are currently investigating the problem.

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