GameStop Stocks Profitable? Hollywood Is Cashing In

Robin Hood is back, baby! 

Watch the latest Streamland episode to find out all about the upcoming movies based on the absolutely insane Wall Street versus the Internet drama from the past weeks.

Victor goes through what happened on the WallStreetBets forums and how this mega financial scandal is making lots of people rich.

Why should you care? Simple. 

Soon you’ll see this story in lots of movies and shows, so get ahead of the curve and understand why this event is so significant.

If you told us a few years ago that GameStop was going to become a symbol of the little man fighting the system…yeahhh, no, not buying it! Who saw this coming?

No one did, and that’s what we’re covering today in the latest Streamland episode.

Plus, we also included the 5 best movies about money you can watch right now. 

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You can find the episode transcript below:

Robin Hood is back, baby! 

And no, i’m not talking about Kevin Costner, because no one, not even my mom wants to see that!

Instead, I’m gonna show you the upcoming movies based on the absolutely insane Wall Street versus the Internet drama from the past weeks.

Plus, I also included the 5 best movies about money you can watch right now. 

Just don’t invest in DogeCoin until you see this!q

Victor dramatically gestures, uses trailer voice:

WallStreetBets: The Drama That’s Going to Fill Your Screen

Until like a month ago, GameStop was known for 2 things: 

Midnight cues to buy the latest video game..

Aaand kinda ripping people off with second-hand game trading. 

Now, it’s the 2021 symbol for the Occupy WallStreet, the fight between the internet trolls and the sleek dudes wielding financial instruments.

RobinHood was also known for like 2 things:

  1. Being a Kevin Costner movie that’s kinda cringe. 

And 2. An app for regular people to invest, buy stocks, play with shorts and so on.

Now, both GameStop the company and RobinHood the app will show up on the big screen…and the little screen, and everything in between!
HBO, Netflix and a few other companies are all fighting to be the first to turn the WallStreetBets – GameStop scandal into a movie or a series…or why not a podcast?

They’re obviously trying to capitalize on the biggest financial news of the decade, since what’s happening in the world right now is a crazier story than The Wolf of Wall Street.

Seriously, Leo DiCaprio on Quaaludes seems more sane than the current events. 

Like…I rely on my TiVo Stream 4K to keep me updated about any new movies and shows – which it does..and it does it better than any other Android dongle I’ve tried…

But seriously… for the past 2 weeks I’ve been wishing this remote could do the same with the news… since they’re better than anything Hollywood could come up with. 

Before I tell you who wants to make each movie, let’s assume you’ve been living under a rock – as you probably should have, since  2021 wont forgive anyone – and let’s do a recap to see why this has so much Hollywood potential.. 

So, there’s this big community on Reddit called WallStreetBets, where people essentially gamble with stocks using apps like RobinHood.

Think of it like a finance forum, but mostly for memes and trolling.

A few months back, a guy there, whose username is DeepFuckingValue… started saying that…well…that GameStop has some actual value.

Despite financial experts claiming this company was going to be dead soon, this Reddit dude said that GameStop will recover and made a pretty convincing case for it.

You with me so far?

Anyway, so this one Internet dude keeps saying Gamestock shares will go up, buys more shares and convinces others on that WallStreetBets forum to join him.

 By this point, it’s literally half internet joke, half an army of people actually buying shares.

Then, a big finance company comes in saying GameStop stock is worthless AAND calls the people who buy it “suckers in a poker game”.

On one side you have this company and other hedge funds, who bet hard that GameStop will fail, and on the other you have the Internet, who supports it.

Once the hedge fund guys start attacking the small guys for buying GameStop, all hell breaks loose.

Theeen, the Internet dudes respond with a call to action.

Since hedge funds are leveraged up to their necks betting against GameStop, the fight is simple: every share bought by the little guys on apps like Robin Hood can make the hedge funds bleed hard. 

And that’s how a movement was born – buy and hold GameStop shares if you hate rich Wall Street financiers.

The Internet community decided that they were going to either beat the rich at their own game or kill the game entirely.

It was such an insane situation that thousands of people were rushing to buy stock…that is, until the RobinHood app, the thing they used to buy that stock, blocked them for doing so. 

That started another wave of drama, with RobinHood betraying their name and favoring hedge funds instead of the little guys.  Then major newspapers rang the alarm! Then Bitcoin went up! Then DogeCoin went up! Then legislators got involved! 

Meanwhile, through all of this, some WallStreetBets users actually made hundreds of thousands, even close to a million – you know, rags to riches stories which only made even more people jump into the fray and support the cause.

Can you see now why Hollywood wants a slice of this pie?

Get yourself one of these TiVo Stream 4K babies, cause it’s gonna be good!

Movies about GameStop and WallStreetBets? 

First off, the WallStreetBets founder, who created the forum yeeears ago, sold his life rights to RatPac Entertainment. That’s the same company that made Wonder Woman, and now they wanna do a movie and podcasts based on this dude.

Then, there’s HBO.

They brought in Andrew Ross Sorkin, who produced the show Billions, to make a movie about “how a populist uprising of social media day traders beat Wall Street at their own game”.

Netflix is there too! They hired Zero Dark Thirty writer Mark Boal to do the script for with Noah Centineo from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Ooookay? *skeptical face*

Oh yeah, and MGM bought the rights to make a movie out of a book NOT YET WRITTEN. Watch out for it tho, since it’s from the dude behind The Social Network movie. This one’s gonna be The Antisocial Network…cuz like….it’s about Reddit? 


Wanna invest in meme stocks and make a mmmeeean GameStop buck? Here’s a quick financial education. Hashtag: you’re welcome!

The Big Short – let Steve Carell teach you how the cookie crumbles and take some good advice from Christian Bale.

Betting on Zero – understand how shorting stocks work and see an actual hedge fund manager in action…somewhat trying to do good in the world by taking down a pyramid scheme.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room – check the link in the description and watch this documentary for free…if you want to learn more about stocks and maybe get a liiiil bit sad about the way of the world.

Capitalism: A Love Story – left you another link to view a documentary for free – sad feels included!

Buuut, if you wanna laugh, and seriously, nowadays you gotta laugh, I recommend you watch OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

This 1991 gem has Danny DeVito at his finest – and some funny insights into how the big bucks get made. 

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