Someone Managed to Get Doom to Run On A Desktop… In 2fps

doom running on desktop by wojtek-graj on reddit

“But can it run Doom?” is a question many gamers are familiar with, since hackers and tinkerers worldwide have used any device you can think of to play the legendary old school shooter.

Now, someone managed to get Doom to run on a desktop, in the icons, at a whopping 2fps. Still, with a lot of patience, you can consider it playable, as you can see from the demo below.

Redditor u/wojtek-graj managed the performance of “porting” doom on any Xfce desktop, and made it look like Windows 95 for complete immersion. Ah, the good old days!

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“This is really becoming absurd… You can now play DooM on any Xfce desktop. For extra immersion (totally not because this is the theme I always use), I themed my desktop to look like Windows 95!

Unfortunately you can only get ~2 fps because the thumbnails take a good 400ms to refresh, but compared to my other doom ports, this is still one of the more “playable” ones.

The github repo with instructions can be found here:,” they wrote on Reddit.

Want to give it a try?

If not, you can always check out what other devices run Doom:

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