UFO Hunters Are Working On A Worldwide System to Monitor the Skies, Already In 20 Locations


Even though the Pentagon started issuing reports on UFO sightings in recent times, UFO hunters are still not satisfied with the amount of information the government releases – and they’re building their own monitoring.

A report from Motherboard reveals a citizen science project called Sky360, an ambitious initiative that will put cheap monitoring systems around the world to detect unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs.

Sky360 will also use AI and machine learning to determine anomalous behavior and clasify what they’re seeing.

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From the report:

“The Sky360 stations consist of an AllSkyCam with a wide angle fish-eye lens and a pan-tilt-focus camera, with the fish-eye camera registering all movement. Underlying software performs an initial rough analysis of these events, and decides whether to activate other sensors—and if so, the pan-tilt-focus camera zooms in on the object, tracks it, and further analyzes it.

According to developer Nikola Galiot, the software is currently based on a computer vision “background subtraction” algorithm that detects any motion in the frame compared to previous frames captured; anything that moves is then tracked as long as possible and then automatically classified. The idea is that the more data these monitoring stations acquire, the better the classification will be. There are a combination of AI models under the hood, and the system is built using the open-source TensorFlow machine learning platform so it can be deployed on almost any computer. Next, the all-volunteer team wants to create a single algorithm capable of detection, tracking and classification all in one.”

Right now, the Sky360 project has 20 stations around the world, from the USA to Canada and even the Azores.

If you  want to learn more about the project or get involved, you can find the Sky360 Discord here.

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